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Pijp Creatie Programma

Uw pijpen gemaakt naar Uw specificaties met de hulp van onze unieke app

Pipe Creation Program

Your pipes made to your specifications with the help of our unique app

Tuyau Creation Programme

Vos tuyaux fabriqués selon vos spécifications à l'aide de notre app unique

Organs and Orchestrions

An organ is an instrument with pipes. An orchestra, composed of automatically playing musical instruments, is an orchestrion. Given the whole story started with an automatic playing pipe organ that increasingly became complemented by other instruments, the term "organ" is more common. Our acoustic instruments are the result of years of development and are much more than just an addition of a pipe organ. On the contrary, our instruments are extremely sensitive and can play both solo and accompaniment! Therefore, we prefer to use the term "orchestrion"!

Like our individual musical instruments, which you can combine to your heart's content, our modular orchestrion system gives you the opportunity to combine a whole following your own taste, preferences and insight!

Are you looking for a very compact eye-catcher that does it all? Then the latest "Rockabilly"-orchestrion might be something for you!

Whatever you choose all instruments and orchestrion elements work through general-MIDI. This way you can link them and let them play all together!


The basic element

The percussion is the basic element of the modular orchestrion and is super complete with drums, heads, woodblock, tambourine, cowbell, claves, ...

Upper part

The central part with pipes or accordion

The upper part, which is placed on the percussion unit, can be provided with multiple rows of pipes or an accordion ...


The finish of the upper part

The roof is the finish of the middle part, equipped with a xylophone and/or a metallophone as desired ...

Side niche

Complete your orchestrion with one or more side niches

The side niche has an accordion at the top and can be fitted with a trumpet or a saxophone at the bottom as desired. A speaker system can be built-in ...

Complete orchestrion

All components together form your orchestrion

With the various standard modules, put your orchestrion together as you wish. View some examples here ...

Be sure to check out our new member of the family

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The latest orchestrion concept

The "Rockabilly" is the latest innovation. A super compact orchestrion in retro jukebox style ...