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Pijp Creatie Programma

Uw pijpen gemaakt naar Uw specificaties met de hulp van onze unieke app

Pipe Creation Program

Your pipes made to your specifications with the help of our unique app

Tuyau Creation Programme

Vos tuyaux fabriqués selon vos spécifications à l'aide de notre app unique

We regularly expand our product range based on input from our customers. The newest member of the family has a sleek, fresh modern look with rounded corners and stylish lighting.


Complete orchestrion

All components together form your orchestrion

Only a percussion with accordion or rather a complete instrument with pipes, accordions, metallophone, xylophone, trumpet, saxophone, full percussion and integrated sound installation? With the various standard components you can put together your orchestrion entirely according to your wishes and insights! You can also opt to purchase the various components in phases or to extend your orchestrion afterwards. If technically feasible, certain components can even be slightly adjusted as shown in the examples..

Complete orchestrion 

Photo's and 3D-drawings:


Complete orchestrion

The benefits at a glance:


  • General Midi compatible, adjustable on all 16 BASIS-Midi channels and on 16 SUB-Midi channels allowing the different instruments to play information from the corresponding SUB-midi channel or, if this SUB channel is not present, the information from the BASIC midi channel is doubled.
  • All instruments work! In the 2-sided version, this means: a complete percussion, several rows of pipes of choice (violin pipes, covered pipes ...), metallophone, xylophone, 2 accordions, trumpet, saxophone and an integrated sound system (in both dimensions) for playing of recorded vocal parts.
  • True to life and distinctly dynamic music reproduction through the use of advanced control electronics and sophisticated mechanics.
  • Composition of choice.

Complete orchestrion

Dimension drawing (execution with 2 side pieces):