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Pijp Creatie Programma

Uw pijpen gemaakt naar Uw specificaties met de hulp van onze unieke app

Pipe Creation Program

Your pipes made to your specifications with the help of our unique app

Tuyau Creation Programme

Vos tuyaux fabriqués selon vos spécifications à l'aide de notre app unique

Cool applications

World renowned jazz musician Pat Metheny,

himself possessed by automatic instruments, is full of praise for Decap Herentals. He also performs with musical instruments from Decap!

-> Read more on Pat Metheny's website!

Singer-musician Guido Belcanto performed for the third time with his "Ballroom of Broken Hearts III" with a Decap organ!

-> Read more on Guido Belcanto's website!

Decap Automatic Musical Instruments

At Decap we can look back on a rich history of four generations! We combine the know-how that we have built up with the latest electronics to bring you live acoustic music. Our mission is to make that music sound as true to life as possible, so that you can experience your favorite music in the middle of a live performance!

In addition to the classical organ and orchestrion enthusiast, several contemporary musicians and artists also embrace our products and use them in their original musical projects.

They take maximum advantage of the fact that our automatic instruments are modular and that they can choose modules that perfectly match their creative ideas.

On this page you will find some beautiful modern applications and some of the reunited artists who rely on our know-how, products and services.

Do not hesitate to contact us if we can contribute to the realization of your creative dreams.

Music Automata

The 'Music automata' was built in response to a tourism project for the city source of
Kőszeg by Medence Csoport, Budapest


We have expanded the stop system here with an electromagnet that removes the damping so that the excited metal plate can sound freely during
the length of the note. When the note ends, the electromagnet is deactivated causing the note to stop sounding.

Age of Love

Modern dance music on Decap!

Composer Walter Hus is working on new music on his Decap orchestrion! Listen here to the teaser of "The Age of Love"!

Decap Beat Machine live

The"avicii-moment" !

This video shows that top technology and age-old craft can also be used for ultramodern events!

Decap Beat Machine "Epic"

A great video clip by Lemondedumas!

A mix between Charleston, automatic Decap instruments and immersive DJ beats!