Guido Belcanto with Decap organ

Guido Belcanto has been a well-known name in Flemish showbusiness for years now. He is known for his beautiful lyrics and a voice that wraps around you like a blanket on a cold day.


His style of music blends perfectly with the automated Decap instruments. He will perform a kind of best-off from the three editions of the shows “Balzaal der gebroken harten (the ballrooms of broken hearts)” together with caberet performer Vitalski, piano player Martinus Wolf and singer Petra.

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Performances: Sunday 12/8 at 3 PM and 8:30 PM.


What if we combine the forces of the automated Decap instruments with a couple of excellent musicians in order to create a live band that will come close to a full Night of the Proms orchestra? If we then add a colourful ensemble of local vocalists and guest performers, we end up with a sparkling musical result in which man and machine form an oiled machine – both literally and figuratively.


You can expect a wonderful show with a full range of musical styles in a Proms- manner brought to you by great local talents.


Performances: Saturday 18/8 at 3 PM and 8 PM, Sunday 19/8 at 3 PM

We would like to express our thanks to the city council of Herentals and especially the staff members of the cultural centre ‘t Schaliken for the constructive collaboration and for including our show within the ticketing system of the cultural centre. It is nice to get support from an office that wants to focus on offering a high quality cultural scene to a broad public.

David & Amaryllis “In de 14 billekens”

A trip down memory lane … going back in time to the days when people dances to the thrilling melodies of Tom Jones, Engelbert Humperdinck, Frank Sinatra, Peter Alexander, Freddy Breck and Zangeres Zonder Naam. Everybody went to legendary dancings like ‘de 14 Billekens” where the Decap organ was the centre of popular and unaffected entertainment.

David Davidse and Amaryllis Temmerman together with Tony Decap at the grand piano and the omnipresent Decap organ will immerse you in the atmosphere of these golden days.


Performances: Friday 10/8 at 2:30 and 8 PM, Wednesday 15/8, Thursday 16/8 and Friday 17/8 at 2:30 PM.

Programme Open Days

10/8/2018 until 19/8/2018

CLOSED on Mo 13/8 and Tue 14/8

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There are two ways to order tickets from abroad:

  • send a mail to and specify your name, address, the show(s) and desired number of tickets.
  • call (0032) 14-21 90 88 (cultural center 't Schaliken, Herentals)

Ticket price: 10 €


On Friday 10/8 at 8 PM and on Wednesday 15/8 at 2:30 PM there is a possibility to book a VIP-arrangement for 15 €. This will guarantee a front row seat and a glass of bubbles is also included.



Ticket price: 15 € (standard) / 12 € (-26 years)


A VIP-ticket costs €25. This will guarantee a front row seat and a glass of bubbles is also included.


Ticket price: 12 € (standard) / 10 € (-26 years)


A VIP-ticket costs 18 €. This will guarantee a front row seat and a glass of bubbles.


Belem & The MeKanics

Truly skillful musicians making music together with automated instruments! This results in a touching and enduring outcome, as is proven by virtuoso accordion player Didier Laloy. He performs masterly compositions which are supported by fascinating organ arrangements produced by de renowned piano player / composer Walter Hus. A mix between folk, jazz, world music and rock which is a perfect example of the instrumental cooperation between man and machine.

The spectators are challenged to be able to distinguish between both with closed eyes … But this challenge is uselessis. Man or machine?

The enchantment is real …


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Perfomances: Saturday 11/8 at 3 PM and 8 PM



Ticket price: 20 €


A VIP-ticket costs 29€. This will guarantee a front row seat and a glass of bubbles is also included.



Circus Ronaldo

Nanosh Ronaldo is part of the seventh generation of a unique circus family. This new production entitled SWING writes a new chapter in the long history of spectacular shows.


Do not expect to see big drama but instead a swinging mixture of circus and variety. A refreshing blend of all round circus performers and musicians who pull out all the stops and are supported by genuine swing music from “the golden fourties”.


For this performance, the Decap family especially constructed a “Big Band” orchestrion of the latest generation and developed the newest technology in order to have trumpets and saxophones play in an automated yet authentic way. A spectacular act combining artistry and technology.


Performances: Wednesday 15/8, Thursday 16/8 and Friday 17/8 at 8 PM.

Ticket price: 9 € (standard) / 7 € (-26 years)


A VIP-ticket costs 15 €. This will guarantee a front row seat and it also includes a glass of bubbles.