Programme Open Days

10/8/2018 until 19/8/2018

CLOSED on Mo 13/8 and Tue 14/8

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A large park ground is situated on the two big lawns at the Alenblok. How to get to the park ground is indicated in BLUE on the map. You drive until the end of Langepad and then turn left, into Alenblok. The lawns are situated some 200 metres further down the road on your left hand side.


In order to exit (the RED route) you turn left onto Alenblok when leaving the park ground. Some 400 metres further down the road you arrive at the Greestraat. Turn right here. After one kilometre the street deflects quite heavily to the right. Some 300 metres further you arrive on the Geelseweg.


HINT: In order to find the itinerary to reach Decap organs, just click on the Decap logo on the map. A new pop up screen will open in which you can call a trip planning. You can then enter your point of departure and will get the itinerary to reach Decap organs..




You can comfortably stay in B&B Lindenhof, Greesstraat 6 (!!GPS!!: Greesstraat 16, Olen) within walking distance (1.5 km) from the DECAP domain. The B&B is shown on the left with a rose bed. If you are interested, please send an e-mail to stating the number of people, date of arrival and date of departure.

For prices and information about the B & B, click on the link below.

Do not take into account the availability information on the website because the B&B is reserved exclusively for our visitors from 10/8 to 19/8.