Programme Open Days

10/8/2018 until 19/8/2018

CLOSED on Mo 13/8 and Tue 14/8

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Info sessies


Building organs requires knowledge and skills spread over many disciplines. Even in the same discipline, there are different skills. Woodworking is divided into three main categories: front construction (the larger work), pneumatics (mechanics in wood, the smaller but much more accurate work) and pipe construction (the musical work). Outside woodworking we also have metalworking and (certainly in the newer organ models) electronics and software. Our product specialists will give you more information about all these aspects during information sessions throughout the day.


Detail planning will follow later.




There is a large variation in our instruments and their target audience. There are the self-playing instruments, including pipe organs, accordions, pianos, percussion and percussion instruments, trumpets, saxophones and all other wind instruments and the combination of all these instruments. To size, there are many possibilities: from a small barrel organ, a self-playing accordion or salon organ, to an 8 meter wide 121-key pipe organ. Our instruments can be used as entertainment in all kinds of public places, but they are also very popular in home and music rooms, thanks to new computer controls and advanced volume control. Throughout the factory there are locations where you can listen to different variants of our instruments.


Detail planning will follow later.

Design & production


All our designs are done in close consultation with our customers. This starts with a first exploratory discussion in which we outline the main lines. After that, our draughters go to work, who work out everything in a 3D-photorealistic software-environment. This gives the customer an exceptionally realistic picture of the final instrument before the first cut is made. The design takes its definitive form after a few itterations. The 3D drawing allows us to mill our 5-axis CNC to the nearest one hundredth of an inch. This method guarantees that the end product is a perfect realization of the design.

See our computer-controlled CNC in operation, and ask your questions to our designers.

Music en MIDI


Music is of course an indispensable part of a self-playing instrument and a specialization that requires a great deal of knowledge and study. The technology to store and transfer music information to automated musical instruments has evolved enormously: once with the help of cylinders and metal plates with pegs and levers, then the paper pianoles and cardboard organ books and now the instruments receive the information digitally via a cable, mostly in MIDI. The latter also allows the more modern organs (or older organs with a MIDI upgrade) to play the instruments live from a PC or a keyboard. You will learn all how this works in our music department.



During the day there are both indoor and outdoor activities with, how could it be otherwise, a lot of music and organs. There are the barrel organs, the people who demonstrate their (sometimes with our help self-built) organs, vocalists who accompanied by an organ can perform their best and so on. All this while you can enjoy a snack and a drink or a refreshing snack indoors and outdoors.


Get the summer terrace feeling in a green setting under the provided tents.