Automatic Musical Instruments

Automatic musical instruments are authentic acoustic instruments that are controlled electronically and interpret a piece of music with extreme sensitivity. These instruments operate computer-controlled via a MIDI file. They play completely independently but may be linked to other DECAP instruments or orchestrions by means of a simple cable. In this way they can form a complete orchestra or play along with an orchestrion!

Accordion Pedestal

The master accordionist on pedestal

This accordion plays each track masterfully in exactly the same way as the recorded original ...

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Accordion Cube

The compact accordion virtuoso

With its extremely compact dimensions, the "Cube" delivers the same peerless musical performance ...

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Pipe Cube

The pipe organ orchestra

The "Pipe Cube" can contain up to seven registers of organ pipes, combined with a hyper-fast and extremely powerful air pressure control system for an immersive music experience ...

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Percussion Unit

Versatile and very complete percussion set

The "Percussion Unit" is a super complete set of percussion instruments with drums, heads, woodblock, tambourine, cowbell, claves ...

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Dynamic and clear instrument

With the "Metallophone" you get a compact yet extremely versatile instrument ...

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Warm and virtuoso instrument

The warm, rhythmic sounds of the "Xylophone" are adding a rich dimension ...

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