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Organ Builders since four generations ...

Welcome to Decap Herentals!


Automatic Musical Instruments

Organs or Orchestrions ...

Where it all began


With know-how of more than a century, built by four generations of dedicated organ builders, Organ Factory Decap Herentals knows how to continually refine the sound of automatic playing acoustic instruments. This is proven by the very latest computer-controlled modular orchestrion. With its compact dimensions this highly sophisticated instrument also fits into your interior. The sound is matchless and offers music with a completely new dimension.

Convince yourself and let yourself be overwhelmed by an orchestrion that brings to life a spectacular live orchestra at your fingertips ...

Automatic Musical Instruments

Cutting edge technology in a single instrument

Besides orchestrions Organ Factory Decap Herentals also offers an extensive collection of automatic musical instruments. These sensitive instruments have all the electronics on board and are playing individually or can form a real acoustic orchestra together.


Components with know-how

Your organ MIDI-controlled? Let your piano play automatically? To automate existing instruments, orchestrions or organs, Organ Factory Decap Herentals developed a set of components that allows you to get started quickly!